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Black Pepper Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

An authentic fiery flavour of black pepper in a convenient and safe way that you may not have experi.....

Cardamom Ilaichi Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Cardamom Elaichi Liquid Extract .....

Chai Tea Masala Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Chai Masala gives you the magically rejuvenating flavour and taste of tea masala that you will adopt.....

Cinnamon Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Presenting the warm and comforting flavour of cinnamon that will make your savoury as well as your s.....

Clove Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Here is for you the naturally warm, sweet and powerful flavour of clove in a surprisingly easy-to-us.....

Cumin Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Presenting the heart-warming flavour of cumin that will change the way you cook in your kitchen. The.....

Garam Masala Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Welcome the quintessential Indian spice mix, garam masala, without which ethnic Indian cooking is al.....

Garlic Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Presenting to you the mouth-watering pungency of garlic in an easy-to-use and safe way that makes yo.....

Ginger Adrak Liquid Extract Drops 5ml

Ginger or adrak in Hindi you can buy in Liquid form .....

Kesar Saffron Liquid Extract Drops 20 ml

Kesar or Saffron is worlds most precious spice. It's unique flavour and benefits make it always in d.....

Kesarmilk Masala Liquid Extract Drops 20 ml

Age-old recipe of saffron milk masala in a quick and simple variation that is perfect for people of .....

KesarRose Liquid Extract Drops 20 ml

The divine combination, Kesar or saffron extract with fragrant Rose extract. Shop online only on aav.....

Lemongrass Ginger Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

Benefits of Lemongrass now you can shop online at aavio.in Shop online now Lemongrass Liquid Extract.....

Red Chilli Liquid Extract Drops 5 ml

We bring you the hot and explosive flavour of red chillies that will give you a whole new experience.....

Thandai Extracts Liquid Drops 20 ml

Traditional Thandai in Liquid form .....

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