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Dear all...

Nowadays people get food products contaminated with chemicals, pollution or fertilizers. Fake products, artificial, synthetic food and different types of toxic affecting human health. Various types of diseases are becoming common and many new viruses and infections are affecting us than ever. We the humans need to save ourselves and our coming generations from harmful chemicals, fertilizers, pollutants and artificially produced food products.

Aaviana Trading LLP established with the same view. Aaviana is a dream. A dream to provide people healthy and organic products. Specially products free from chemicals and fertilizers, mostly home grown or produced in natural or organic way by locals. Whether it is about garments or food products or beauty products, health products or decorative products, our tradition should not be forgotten by present and coming generations.

Aaviana is here to support local manufacturers, small traders, artisan and reaching to remote areas so that that can also sell their products online without barriers of language or short of knowledge to technology. 

How can you support our efforts?

1- Shop on aavio.in regularly and encourage your friends and relatives to shop on aavio.in

2- Sell your products, services, art, creation on aavio.in
3- Join aavio.in as ' Goods Delivery Provider' or agent to generate sellers base on aavio.in
4- Promote aavio.in in colleges, offices, neighbourhood and abroad and argue people to use organic products.
5- Urge people to stop using so called fast food and harmful drinks.
6- Encourage artists, students, housewives etc. to sell their art, craft, products on aavio.in




MBA in Retail Operations, having more than 20 years of working experience in various corporate on various positions. Decided to come back to Kerala from Mumbai in 2016 with an intention to serve his own motherland.



Having years of experience in the similar positions, independently can handle toughest situations. Polite and professionally competent to ensure almost zero complaint from buyer or seller.



MBA in Sales & Marketing. Fully dedicated in promoting sellers base. His restless efforts can be seen on aavio.in sellers list. 


Having B. Tech degree with many years of proven track record with various web development companies. His web development skills make our group companies grow, we fully rely on his skills.

                                        SHOP LOCALS, SUPPORT LOCALS.

Why Shop Online At Aavio.in?

aavio.in brings organic, natural and healthy products on its portal. Products made  or cultivated by locals in natural way without fertilizers or artificials are main part of our sales. aavio gives you options to buy traditional art, craft, tradiational dresses, pure local products. Full of nutrition and no side effects. Food suppliments are patented by manufacturers.

We give locals to shop on their nearest Supermarket and avail home delivery. Bulk sellers and exporters can get chance for bulk selling and export via aavio.in

If you canot make online payment, just select Cash On Delivery (CoD) and pay when it is delivered.

(In select locations only)

Secure Online Shopping

Online transactions are a worry for common man, so don't worry about that our payment gateways are safe and secure with all strict safety features.

Shop Online Organic and local pure nutritional products

We bring products direct either from local manufacturers or their forums like 'Organic farmers Sosiety' etc. art, craft and paintings direct from painters and artists, garments direct from boutiques, electronics direct from showrooms. No bothering about genuineness. No worry about quality. No tention about payments. Just SHOP LOCALS, SUPPORT LOCALS.