Babyvita Traditional Rice Banana (Please See Description)

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Traditional Rice Banana Babyvita Traditional Rice Banana is a natural non chemical diet traditionally inherited by grandma's. It includes, green banana is a natural source of carbohydrate, which act as energy blocks, Navara rice herbal quality proved by scientist, Nut grass- Muthanga described in traditional text- Ashtanga hridaya and more useful in digetion system.

Ingredients: Rice and Navara Rice, Muthanga, Sugar, Cardamom, Nut-grass (Muthanga)

Nutritional Information of Product NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION* Per 100 gm of Product

Energy Value (kcal) : 384.00


Fat, g : 00.40

Total Ash , g 1.30mg

Acid Insoluble Ash : 0.90

Moisture, g : 4.2%

Starch : :56.00 Reducing Sugar : :0.36

Essential Minerals

Pottassium : 334.00mg

Calcium : :6.07mg

Phosphorus : :60.mg

Iron, mg : :0.8

Essential Vitamins

Vitamin B1 : :0.61mg

Vitamin B2 : :0.07mg

Vitamin B6 : :0.22mg

Vitamin B12 : :0.05.mg


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