Babyvita Kannankaya Powder (Please See Description)

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Babyvita Kannankaya Powder Babyvita Kannankaya Powder is a traditional food for children prepared from kannankaya procured directly from organic farmers and farmer groups, using latest machineries under the supervision of experts. Babyvita Kannankaya Powder is a blessing of nature prepared hygienically in the same reciepe as followed by Grandmas. Babyvita Kannankaya Powder can be prepared in the form of a porridge. Preparation Mix babyvita with milk or water. Stir well and boil to make homogenous paste. Babyvita powder is slightly sweetened. Sugar and salt may be added to make delicious. Ingredients Dehydrated Kannankaya, Cardamom, Sugar.

Nutritional Information of Product


Per 100gm of product

Energy Value (kcal) : 374.00

Nutrional Value
Total Carbohydrate,g : 88.40
Sugar 23.60
Dietary Fibre, g : 12.70
Protein, g : 02.06
Total Fat,g : :00.80
Saturated Fat, g : 2.85
Poly Unsaturated Fat,g 00.16
Mono Unsaturated Fat,g : 00.23
Trans Fat,g : 00.00
Cholestrol,g : :00.00
Vitamin A, mg 00.00
Vitamin C, mg : 11.50
Sodium, mg : 03.80
Calcium, mcg : :32.20
Iron, mg 8.29


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