Seller Policy

Terms & Conditions - Seller's & Aaviana Trading LLP

Aaviana Trading LLP provides a platform for third-party sellers ("Sellers") and buyers ("Buyers") to negotiate and complete transactions online via their website

1. Every supplier/seller needs to register online or via written form as a seller on with all accurate/correct details. If any information is found false or fake Aaviana Trading LLP reserves its right to reject or discontinue services of particular seller.

2. Aaviana also respects the copyright/intellectual property rights of all products/manufacturers. Seller must ensure that there should be no violation of copyright/intellectual property rights of other manufacturers.

3. Pricing of each product is sole discretion of seller. If seller wants, Aaviana Trading LLP can fix pricing of the product with the full consent of seller. In case of any dispute on pricing; the pricing contract shall be the final deciding stand.

4. Sellers are fully responsible not to display or sell products prohibited by the law. Sellers should ensure that their products, description or any content should not hurt the sentiments of any religion, or belief and there should be no violation of any rule/law of any organisation, institution or any constitutional setup.

5. Products being sold by sellers are sole discrete of the sellers. Its quality, pricing, color, shape, size or physical look/appearance or any other details/description as mentioned by the seller and/or warrantee/guarantee if any is the sole responsibility of seller's not of or Aaviana Trading LLP. or Aaviana Trading LLP is in no way responsible or liable for the offer/s for sale or sale of the Product by the Seller to the Buyer, its delivery, the warranty terms (if any) related to the Product and the return, refund or cancellation of purchase of any Products.

6. Sellers are fully accountable for refund/replacement of the product if found counterfeited, illegal, stolen, or fraudulent, not or Aaviana Trading LLP. Cancellation of orders depends on seller’s choice.

7. Aaviana Trading LLP shall pay seller's part of sold products between 25th-30th dates of every month or as agreed with the seller.

8. Sellers agree to referral charges shown in ‘Referral Charges Chart’ and also on courier charges, handling charges and applicable taxes as per state wise, till GST comes in force.

9. Sellers are free to sell their products on any website/s along with; but sellers must ensure that prices should not be higher on our website and lower on other websites. If this happens, reserves right to discontinue services to such seller.

10. shall not assume any liability for the non-availability of the Product, delivery of the Product directly by the Seller and the installation of the Product if required.

11. Seller needs to add ‘Total Marketplace Fee’ while making final price of each product i.e. shipping, Service Tax/VAT etc. handling, packaging, courier and referral charges. If own courier used, aavio shall not responsible for any damage or loss of dispatched product/s.

12. Seller needs to take insurance cover for precious products like jewellery and precious metal gifts etc.

13. Seller should send/email all their products with description and price list for the use on our website, and allows Aaviana Trading LLP and its website to use all photos, contents and price.

14. Seller must ensure to keep updating Aaviana Trading LLP about changes in price or any contact details etc.

15. Sellers should agree that in case they fail to update us price, exhaustion of stock or any changes and order is placed by users on our website, seller needs to manage it properly and needs to fulfil customer’s interest.

16. All disputes under Ernakulam jurisdiction only.