Spices and Condiments

Spices and Condiments
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An authentic fiery flavour of black pepper in a convenient and safe way that you may not have experi..
Rs. 100
Chai Masala gives you the magically rejuvenating flavour and taste of tea masala that you will adopt..
Rs. 130
Presenting the warm and comforting flavour of cinnamon that will make your savoury as well as your s..
Rs. 120
Here is for you the naturally warm, sweet and powerful flavour of clove in a surprisingly easy-to-us..
Rs. 120
Presenting the heart-warming flavour of cumin that will change the way you cook in your kitchen. The..
Rs. 100
Welcome the quintessential Indian spice mix, garam masala, without which ethnic Indian cooking is al..
Rs. 100
Presenting to you the mouth-watering pungency of garlic in an easy-to-use and safe way that makes yo..
Rs. 100
Ginger or adrak in Hindi you can buy in Liquid form ..
Rs. 120
Ginger Liquid Drops - Most of people prefer using ginger in dishes or in Tea. Using raw ginger spice..
Rs. 120
Pure Kashmir Saffron - Pure Kashmir Saffron from local farmers... A grade Saffron. ..
Rs. 650
Kerala Natural Black Pepper online ..
Rs. 225
Kerala Natural Cinnamon Online ..
Rs. 125
Kerala Natural Clove Online ..
Rs. 400
Kerala Natural Star Anise Online ..
Rs. 175
Kerala Spices Cardamom Online ..
Rs. 425